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How To Submit Your Blog To Bing In 6 Steps | Blogger

Bing is a search engine is owned and operated by Microsoft LLC. This search engine is as
MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search.

Bing image

Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing.

This search engine has a webmasters tool like Google search console tool.

What we are looking forward to do in this tutorial is on how we can submit your website free without paying a dime, you can do this yourself

Why do you want to submit your site to bing?

Basically you need it for organic search visit.

Let's start with what brought you here today

Before you start, please believe in yourself and there you go, you can do everything that is possible.

I did this with no one helping me so I see no reason you cannot do the same thing.

Always remember to keep calm before starting any tutorial be it here or elsewhere.

Here is how to submit your domain to this nifty tool.

=>Step 1

Create a Microsoft account.

Creating an account on Microsoft is just as creating a Google account, you use one account to login to other account such as Google+, AdSense, Gmail, play store etc etc.

Microsoft account have same feature

You can access other Microsoft services.

  • Play online games from Xbox
  • Login to live mail
  • Buy products from Microsoft online

Signing up with with Microsoft account is just more than you think.

Don't use fake details as you may need this account in future.

Use the email sign up choice it is fast and easy, after creating the account confirm it before you start.

If you previously have an account, there is no need for signing up
Just head to bing webmaster tool and sign in with your Microsoft account.

=>Step 2

Submitting your domain name.

After login in you will see your first webmaster page blank which will be empty without a property on it.
As for the image here you can see I have once submitted my site that is why the dashboard is not blank.

Submitting your domain

Before you submit your domain name, you need to put fact ahead. It is very important.

•When submitting your site make sure you submit the full URL not the sub domain.


√√√ Use http://www.yourdomain.com
If your site does not have http2 enabled (SSL certificate)

√√√ Use https://www.yourdomain.com

This to avoid invalid submission.

Now fill in your domain name in the box and click the add button as stated on the image below.

=>Step 3

a new page With the add site map option will open.

you can always add the site map later.
But if you prefer adding it now, okay.
Click add to continue.

=>Step 4

Verify that you own the domain.

To verify the ownership of your domain, you will be provided with meta tag along without Cname record and DNS record.

Copy Cnmae and DNS server code image

Now copy the meta tag
Go to your blog dashboard click on theme>edit HTML

Then use the CTRL+F to find  <head>

paste the meta tag below it and save your theme

=>Step 5

Adding bing cname record.

To add bing Cname record or DNS record, you need to access your domain client area (Cpnael)

•Login your domain provider

•Click on your domain name

•Select manage DNS records.

=>Step 6

Copy the cname record that was given by the bing webmaster tool.

add it to your Cname records and save it
Go back to bing webmaster tool and verify the ownership.
 [May take some minutes so be patient and await authorization]

After verifying configure your domain, submit your sitemap. (if you haven't done that yet)

Bing will automatically index your pages or you can submit your page one by each for fast index.


There is limit to the amount URL you can submit.

To avoid mistakes and misconfiguration you can hire me to submit and configure your site professionally for just $15 PayPal.

For Facebook buddies and Nigerian residents you can request for my bank details.
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On page optimization Techniques.

On page SEO: Why you should practice it.

what is on page optimization?

Onpage Optimization ( A.K.A On-page SEO)
This is an SEO  that is done within the website, it refers to all the optimization inside the website to improve it's ranking and position on the SERPS.

On-page SEO Techniques

on page seo optimization techniques.

1 Blog post Titles.
2 keywords research.
3 internal linking.
4 permerlinks.
5 content branding.

Blog post titles

In on page SEO you need to consider using optimized blog tilte, a blog tilte describes and give insight on how and what the blog post is all about, using more than 65 characters to describe your blog post Titles.

Google recommends using characters that are less than 65 characters.
Blog post titles are the head of post every post which means they control the visitors mind.

When you write blog post Titles make sure it is able capture the mind of a passerby visitors this makes them to read the article even if they don't want to read the article.

Wrap up your blog post title with the H1 tag.

Don't write decisive blog post titles as they may lead into consequences of Barn or report by visitors. Always write truthful and eye catching Titles.

Proper Keyword research

If you want to rank in google for more exposure, to make money and to share you niche. It all starts with the Keyword Research surrounding your niche and the On Page SEO once you find the right keywords if you pick random keywords to rank on Google they may have high competitions or low value and even low CPC.

How do you find the right keywords?

To find the right keywords there are many tools provided online, in which we have paid and free tools.

These tools can be used to find relevant keywords for a particular subject.

They include

Long-tail pro -piad

Keywordtool.io(free but don't rely on it)

Google AdWords tool (free but don't rely on it)

For great and better results Long-tail pro is the Best.
Go for it.

Finding Long-tail keywords:

What are long tail keywords?
How do you get know them?

To find Long-tail keywords you need thi
Long tail keywords are usually 2 to three maximum phrases that has low competition in the search engine when compared to other keywords that already exists.

Example of this keyword 

"business" or "book" 

may take a very long time for a certain article to rank in the search engine for each of the keywords listed above because of it's high competition on the search engine.

Not withstanding, using keywords that are less searched terms on Google will give rise to your article demand.

Examples are

"Marketing for your local Business"
"Ultimate Books in 2017"
What role dose Long Tail keyword play in SEO?

Long Tail keywords are the backbone of every articles you write, if you don't consider using Long Tail keywords, then just keep it in mind that you are writing for robots because users don't seem to search for the keywords you chose.

Organic traffic won't come flooding to your blog unless you find the right keywords for the excerpt that you are writing.

Long tail keyword Grant's you authority to rank in keywords that are relevant.

Get to know where your keyword should fit in when writing an excerpt.

keywords should be placed 2 to 3 times in the first 100 words and make sure they go in line with the right phrases
When you search for a term on Google search it displays about 50 to 60 characters on a search engine result page, however there is an SEO ranking factor which limits the amount of characters the title of an article to 60 characters and below.

Internal Linking

An internal link is one that points to another page on the same website.
Internal links can point to product or other articles on a single page. Every link has it's own destination.

For more illustrations please read: how to write anchor tag.


A permalink (A.K.A permanent link ) is a URL that remain unchanged for many years into the future, giving a hyperlink that is likely to damage.

Permalinks are often rendered simply as friendly URLs, so as to be easy for people to type and remember.
Permerlinks links are important part of SEO as to both visitors and search engines to remember the URL destination for a particular article.

The structure of a permalink must be clean and clear for both search engines to access and remember.
A page permalink could be:


It can be something like this:


Wordpress uses a default permalink that is not SEO friendly.


This can be corrected by yoast SEO plug-in

Difference between healthy unhealthy links to search engines.
Healthy links are clean, distinct, easy to read and  remember





unhealthy links are ugly and contain generic characters like under score, question marks, the percentage symbol. Which is hard for humans and search engine crawlers to understand.




The above URL looks ugly and crappy so never consider using them, because the permerlinks and the will be ingnored by crawlers. (Google bot).

Content Optimization

To create optimized content,
First of all, determine what you want to achieve for your content and decide what seed keyword your page will focus on.

From a strategic perspective, start out with your most important pages.
Second, do your research. Identify who your target audience are and what they actually want.

Write about what you promised as regarding your blog post title.
Do not write off page, if you are creating contents regarding to MONKEYS, don't mislead your visitors to MOBILE PHONE, it makes no sense at all.

Be dynamic in your writing, avoid grammatical errors,
Tools that will improve your writing skill 

Free when registered through referral link.

Free 14 days plagiarism tool is disabled.
This are two top writing tools used mostly an 99% accurate and they fix mechanical issue in writing.

Take away

-Write optimized Blog post Titles and avoid incomplete sentences

-Do keywords research to find valuable keyword seeds and use them the right way

-Do internal linking effectively, it improves your SEO score card and search position.

-write clean and understandable permerlinks.

-Do content branding often to enhance the readability and avoid simple errors.

-Make sure your mobile pages are user and SEO friendly.

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How To Place Anchor Name Tag Effectively.

How to place anchor name tag.


Anchor name tag is the keyword on which Hyperlink is given, one of the most important html tags in terms of SEO.

Anchor tag is used to build internal links within a webpage to reduce Bounce Rate.

Types of links

  • Internal 
  • External Links

There are two methods we can link within our page or to other websites/blog using the anchor element:

Internal and External. 

-Internal links
Internal Links are those Links that point to another page within our website/blog. 

Building Internal links can be for some reasons below:

-To create navigation menus that help web visitors to navigate other pages in our website/blog.

-They are also used by search engine web crawlers to locate important pages of a website and to share authority. ( which is also known as link-juice) with the other pages of a website/blog.

-They are used in the text of web content to help visitors locate other related content on the website/blog.

External Links

-External links are links that point to web pages that are not part of your website/blog.
When writing internal links make sure you don’t overdo it. As per Google recommendation you should not have over 100 links per page. 
There are exceptions for very large and complex websites.

External Links are also important because:

-External links are recommended to provide proper attribution opposing to a particular source of an idea.

-External links allow us to refer users (visitors) to useful related content.

-We all know when other websites post external links that point at your blog, these are links known as back links  which allow link juice to flow to your blog and improve your blog position on search engine results pages (SERP).

-They help us to create an internal link with relevant text on a website/blog or web page, also it can be referred to as links that passes Link-Juice to a website or page.

How do you place anchor name tag?

Adding anchor name tag to a webpage is good but when you place it in a bad manner it affects your SEO, you might even get a penalty for placing the anchor text in a wrong format.

Google will ignore the webpage because of the anchor name tag that are placed on a particular webpage it was induced on. 

Now this is what I call the forgivable penalty by Google,

can you keep that webpage away from being penalized by Google?

Why not?

every body gets a second Chance if the level of offence is low, but death can't be cheated anyways.(once Google takes it hard on you it is difficult to opt out)

How to  write an anchor name tag.

When writing an anchor text,
it should be placed in the right position and it must be related to the subject line you are linking to.
Do not use click here text 
For example

-To buy this product please <a href="http://example.com">click here</a>


-<a href="http://example.com">click here</a>  to buy this product
The above is wrong and 

Here are reasons why visitors won't agree to click link highlighted in "click here"

There are at least three good reasons why using generic anchor element text such as “Click Here” is a terrible practice.

Visitors such as screen readers will have hard time to decipher the meaning of links that make use of generic link text such as “Click Here”.

visitors who usually scan web pages will have to take more time to investigate the text around the link to optimally have an idea of what the link is trying to interpret.

BOTs web crawlers to properly select anchor element text to determine the relevance of a web page to specific keywords. Generic text tells BOTS web crawlers nothing about the linked web page.

Here is the correct element

If you want your website to be crawled for
Google first page, use this  <a href="http://www.example.com">article</a> to know how to submit your your website.


 If you want your website to be crawled for
Google first page, use this article to know how to submit your your website.


If you are linking to other websites you need to give it a relationship it's either a no follow or follow tag.
Very important
Example of a no-follow and follow anchor tag

<a href="http://www.example.com" rel="follow">article</a> for a follow link (dofollow)
While rel="no-follow" is for a no-follow link

<a href="http://www.example.com" rel="no-follow">article</a>

You see that example up there?

It explained how and where anchor name tag should be placed for better SEO results.

And it is the combined with natural languages and processed with real source and information. That is exactly how you should be placing the anchor name tag.

Gif image

Anchor texts are a crucial part of SEO and strongly impact your search. When it comes SEO ranking factor, anchor text is going to play a significant role by contributing Link-Juice within pages either internal or external, doing the right thing matters a lot more than you think.

Another important thing to note is that Robots [Bots ]
can’t read the text embedded in images, so if you know that a keyword is important for a particular phrase on a page, don’t put that text under images rather use that text as your anchor tag name to link to other pages within or outside the Blog.

Take away

-Use only keywords that fit in a line of sentence as seen In above-me.

-Avoid using generic terms such as:

"know more"
" read here"
"check here"
"Click here"

As per on-page SEO recommendations, it is best to use your keyword as the anchor text.

-Avoid using words that are not related to the page you are linking to, passes Link-Juice.

We love comments because they tell the heart of a reader, do comment to tell us what you feel.
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PayPal For Business: Send and Recieve Funds With PayPal in Nigeria

PayPal is now officially available in Nigeria.

PayPal is the most easiest, safer, way to send and receive funds online.

However, Nigerian PayPal users can now send funds to make online payments and also receive funds in USD ($).

Some years back, there was no single country on the African continent where an individual could send/receive PayPal funds online. At this point, there was just one African country with the PayPal for the business option, which was South Africa.

Later on, few countries were selected from the African countries, as most were later added to the list.

As at then, all the African countries can ONLY send money through PayPal – they can’t receive money online through PayPal. This is still an imaginable story in the greatest African economy called Nigeria but today the burden has been solved.

You can now how imagine great it is getting paid as a business entrepreneur in Nigeria means, notwithstanding opening a PayPal in Nigeria has been a  difficult task for bloggers, IMERS, online business owners to withdraw or receive payment in a legitimate way, what I mean is this
Nigerians go extra miles creating PayPal accounts with other countries using fake credentials to sign up in order to receive payments,  to withdraw from affiliated programs, and to make payments to foreigners, and through this way many of them have lost a lot of money to the Paypal industry.
Meanwhile, PayPal has now made things easy and possible,
The new Nigeria PayPal features includes:

  • No more fake profiles in Nigeria😉😉 
  • Sending funds
  • Receiving funds from any PayPal account
  • Add credit card

And still, many more to find out.

Let's not waste time now

Here is how to open a PayPal account in just 7 steps.

My Facebook friends have been asking lots of questions about the PayPal account so I decided to spread the good news with tutorial.

Step 1

log on www.paypal.com/ng

Step 2

On the homepage click on "do you have a business? open a business account".
see image for illustration
do you have a business? open a business account.

Step 3

Provide your email address.
Make sure it has never been used for PayPal account.
If you don't have an email address I recommend you sign up for a new email with any email provider.
Gmail by Google is recommended
Go to www.gmail.com and sign up then you can now proceed to step 4

to get started please add your email address

Step 4

You will be asked to provide your personal information which includes:
Your name
phone number
Residential address
Business name
Business Address.

Add your business information

Just fill in the information's needed with real and vital information

Step 5

Complete the little survey about your business .

add informa informations about your business

Step 6.

Provide your date of birth and click continue.

Provide your date of birth and click continue.

Step 7
you have created your paypal acount but it is not active without verification.
here is how to do it

Log in to your mailbox
An email was sent to your inbox by PayPal for you to verify your account.
Verify/confirm and continue.

Hurray, you just created your new PayPal business account.

You can now send and receive funds with your new PayPal for business account.

Let us know what you have in mind and how you feel about this great news
And also don't forget to share this article with your friends, as we all know sharing is caring.


How do I sign up for a PayPal account in Nigeria,How can I put money on PayPal?,How do you set up a PayPal account?,
Can you set up a PayPal account with a debit card?

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Tips to Improve Security on your Android Mobile

author-pic About Nirbhay Singh
Nirbhay Singh is a business management student and a full time blogger. For most of the he reads latest news about Android mobile site and try to learn more about them.

He is the brain behind https://gadgetsdeck.com/  .

Smartphones are now not just a mobile phone with few contact and call logs but are much more than that. We all have personal data, messages, and passwords stored on our mobile phone, and it becomes our prime duty to think about its security.

We believe you must be having an overall phone lock active on your Android device, but believe it or not, your data is still in danger, and here today we are going to mention 10 tips that would help you improve your overall security on android mobiles.

1. Securing Your Network 

The most targeted way to hack your device is to hack your overall network and the most common way to do that is to inject malware into a public Wi-Fi network. Public free Wi-Fi network are fun right?

It is advised to never perform any kinds of bank transaction over a public Wi-Fi network, in any case if you get stuck in a immergence situation and you do not have an option then makes sure you encrypt your connection via a VPN shield. You can easily find number of excellent VPN aps over the play store.

2. Do not save your Passwords on Browsers

Ok let's admit it, we all have tendencies to save password on the browsers. It makes it so convenient to log in again and again regularly without entering the login details again and again.

But have you ever thought, what if someone borrows your mobile phone and swipes away your important details?

Always double check before you allow the browsers to save the data. Saving passwords for social media sites is fine, but saving your bank login details is something you should always avoid.

3. Use Mobile Security App

Mobile security apps are the best way to automate things. They perform regular malware checks, comes in handy features like App lock, track lost devices and many other features. Though there are several premium security apps are available like Avast and MacAfee but if you are low on spending then you can opt for their free versions, which are good for basic use.

4. Always keep a backup of data

When a malware hits, it leaves you with no options instead of doing a complete reset of the device. To avoid loss of data, keep a complete backup of your data on your laptop or pc.

Even if your device is lost and you are lucky enough to retrieve it, chances are high that the hacker or thief would have wiped out the complete data. In that case, backups could be very helpful in bringing the phone back to its original state.

5. Understanding APP Permissions

While installing an android application you get to see the app permissions. Give yourself some time and check all the permissions the app is requiring access to.
An Alarm app has nothing to do with permissions to access text messages, choose wisely, not all apps on Play store are safe. If you have already installed any third party non-official apps on your device, you can easily decline the permission from the permission manager, but you get that option only in latest version of android launched after Android 5.0 Lollipop.
Sharing is caring share this post.


Android security, secure your phone,best security,
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How To disable Google AMP on word press.

Last updated 30/102017
@10:05 PM.

Amp example

What is AMP

AMP stands for

Accelerated Mobile Pages, this amp service is an open source that is supported by technology companies like Google and Twitter,  the primary purpose of creating such project is to make web contents load 2x to 5x of the average speed of a web page for mobile users.

Web pages for free load slow despite the effort of every web owner speeding up their sites.
Example of non-AMP and AMP Article

What is the reason for disabling the AMP service on word press?

This tutorial is not a forced activity after reading through this resume you change your view about the AMP service.

Whether you want to disable the feature or not the choice remains yours,

You can decide to change your mind in future, or maybe you have issues after enabling the AMP service on your website, that's why this article is here for at any time you want.
There have being little complaint from influenzas bloggers around the world

First alex kras who claimed that google may be stealing your mobile traffics if you enable google AMP on for your website read trough his article and you will see why he said so.

And now second is Terrence eden which in his article he talked about switching from google AMP is going to be a difficult task to carry out, an that you might decide to change your mind in the future.

This are further reasons why you might want to disable google AMP

Low user engagement

Google am makes it hard for you as a website owner to have social engagement with you and your users on your blog.
This way users are unable to share your article this renders your opt-in widgets useless, user views comments, and much more.

Read Also:

How To Add Pop-up And Floating Adsense Ads On Blogger And WordPress.

Minimal page views by mobile users.

As we all know that AMP does not show your web layout which includes navigation bars, widgets, content features. Therefore website owners experience dropped in traffics AMP also have a close button which after readers finish reading articles they opt back to google search, instead of checking for more articles to read.

This is a very detailed step for you on how to disable the AMP  for your website.

 Please be rest assured that you need to follow this step carefully.

Grab a cup of coffee and rest your nerves

Now let's start in a sneak peak.

Step 1: Removing the feature on word press.

Now before you enabled the AMP feature for your word press site, you must have installed a couple of required plugin for your to start.

All the plugins have the same necessary setups even if you are using different plugins.

de-activate the plugins properly

Now the very first thing to do is to de-activate the plugins properly by locating it and clicking on the de-activate amp link button under it. This step will disable the amp feature for your website.

Step 2

Redirecting AMP articles to non-AMP.

In step 1 we disabled the AMP plugin automatically it will remove the amp version of your articles from the website, let alone its not enough if you already have Google AMP enabled for more than 7 days (1 week ) the reason is this, Google might have crawled if not all, then maybe little portion of your articles and cached them in their index which will keep showing the AMP versions of your items in search results on Google.

The only and possible way to fix this problem is by redirecting those articles for users coming from AMP to non-AMP pages. Isn't that a significant step you are taking?

I will show you in the detailed way to do a proper redirection of Google AMP articles to non-AMP articles.

First download the redirect plugin

goto your WordPress dashboard>Plugin page>Add new>

  1.     Go to upload plugin
  2.     choose the file from the saved                  directory
  3.     Now open or press the enter button
  4.     Upload the file and activate it.

After activating the plugin,

Go to tools » redirection page for setting up the redirects.

This step is essential.

Add the following line in the source URL field.


Locate the target URL field, and add your website's URL as seen below


Change zethag.com to your domain name.


Next, check the RegEx checkbox and select the Redirections from the drop-down menu.

The last step saves your changes by clicking the Add redirect button.

Visit the AMP page on your site to see if the redirection is working correctly.

That's it, and  you're done.

Don't forget to drop your feedback.

I hope that this article has helped you to remove the amp pages correctly from your WordPress site.

Sharing is caring

I believe that if you share this solution with your friends, they will feel loved by you, so get more love by sharing this article.

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Start A Blog: How To Start a Blog And Earn From it

Do you want to start a blog? wow that's Great!

We have lot to learn on this page just follow the lesson below.
First you Need to  decide what your blog will be about or focus on your heart desired target of skill. Yes you can start your blog talking about anything and everything. However, these types of blogs aren’t often as successful or grow fast.

Click here to set up a domain for your blog at domainking.  And also enjoy 25% Discount on any hosting you buy using zethag.com coupon code here is the coupon code 

"ZETHAGSUPRIZE" offer is valid till 30th of October 2017


Do you know people search the Internet for one reason only to solve a problem?
Ok let's talk about blogging issues, in the year 2005 we had less blogging tutorial blog here in Nigeria but ogbongeblog was the only famous tutorial blog then but today the story is different but the ranking still remains

That problem people are seeking for!! is not just a problem from a blog with random topics  but a blog with a targeted niche just like blogging tutorials, Android updates and many more.

That’s why niche blogs are popular. For instance, if you want to stay up-to-date on fashion trends, you’ll follow fashion blogs because you trust that they’ll continuously solve your problem.

The successful part of a niche blog is that it narrows your target audience, but it also keeps them coming back for more solutions.

How exactly do you “find your niche?” Check out these tips below.

Select Something You Know about and Addicted to.


As you can see the first thing you need to put in mind before starting a blog is that you need to write about what you know best like phone repair, hair dressing, photography and many more.

When you blog about what you’re passionate about, several things happen

  • You need to put more time and effort into your blog to make it gain more audience and also increase in page tank

  • Let your passion for blogging never cease. You need to make your blog in such a way that it can Stan without daily updates.

  • It shows through in your writing, and your readers can feel that. This, in turn, will lead to a larger following.

You don't just rush into educational blogging just because of the massive traffic in it for the benefit of your adsense earnings which is bad.
You need to think about what if I am to be interviewed what are your going sy about your copy and pasting which is wrong..

Be Passionate
Having the passion is a factor that keeps you moving even when you fail in blogging sphere, below are some little questions i will like to ask you.

  • What are your hobbies?
Hobbies is what you love doing without any obstruction and in your hobbies you are always focus and passionate, examples of hobbies are: Reading, Writing, Traveling, Going on a Research and many more.
So you see with you perfect hobbie you can stand or create a powerful niche blog.

  • How do you spend your free time?
Spending your free time in a quiet arena is the best for any writer, this will enable free and easy creation of your blog post.

  • What types of classes did you enjoy in high school or college?
If you are good in agriculture class or physics you can create a blog on either one of them and this will help many young students who will to love to learn

  • What do you enjoy reading and learning about?

Find a Hole in the Market

The truth is that no matter what topic you choose to write about, there is already a blog or million out there in that niche. However, not everyone has explored every nick and cranny of every niche. That’s where the profitability can come in.

You can narrow your niche in the same way by adjusting your target audience to those who rarely get attention, such as novice versus advanced individuals in your industry. Another option is to focus on a certain geographical area.

Remember, however, that there must be a need in that end of the market.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with your first blog and its niche if you’re feeling burnt out. However, taking the time to explore which niche you want to start in can save you a lot of time and money in the future instead of jumping from niche to niche.

The biggest thing that will help you choose the right niche is to really think about it instead of jumping in head-first with no idea.

Still not sure? Tell us where you’re getting stuck in your decision-making.

Searching Your Niche

What if you have many passions and no focus? What if you’re not sure how to find your niche? In Finding Your Niche Online and Succeeding In It Amandalyn advises making a list:

  • If you have a hard time finding your niche, then ask yourself a few questions and write down all of your answers to make a list.
  • What are your favorite topics to talk about?
  • When you were young, what was fun for you?

Influencing Your Niche


First you have a niche but your own style or pattern is different and also your content should be readable for viewers.

The niche you want to start should be a niche that is less competitive, you need to look different from others and also your content has to be unique with new discovery in the blogging sphere.

you can join forums like Nairaland, digitalpoint, and also you can join blog comments interaction like zethablog, zealmatblog, shoutoutloud, shelaf and many more.

Now I believe, you will start to position yourself to make some money from your passion. As I wrote in my article Advice for Making Money with Your Blog Using Adblabla, if you have a product (via your blog) or are representing a business niche, it is easier to sell that product or specific niche to advertisers. Advertisers know who they want to reach and if your product or business is complementary, then they see the value of advertising with you more readily than they would if you were just a blogger without focus.

Hmm you might be confuse about this article

Just    Contact us for professional blogging tips

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YaaNews.com: Online and Offline News portal.

Have you heard about YaaNews.com?

YaaNews.com is an offline news paper that focus on giving you the best news service both nationally, international and globally.

YaaNews news portal also has an online version,which has different categories of news it also targets worlwide.

YaaNews delivers information about current events. They provide news through many different media, based on word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting, electronic communication, and also on their own testimony, as witnesses of relevant events.

Why choose YaaNews?


YaaNews was chosen over other platform because they offer absolutely the best service both online and offline broadcasting of news media.

What type of News does YaaNews provide for her readers?


YaaNews covers all section of news, as I said earlier in the beginning of this article YaaNews targets both Nationally internationally ( worlwide )
They broadcast news on the followings;

1. Politics
2. Education
3. Entertainment
4. Job Updates
5. Metro
6. Business
7. Sports
8 . World
9. News.

YaaNews online offer you weather forecast both Nationally and internationally

You can share their news via WhatsApp, it is the easiest way to share news your with friends and family.

How efficient is YaaNews online version?


YaaNews online version is completely 100% efficient both starting From Mobile desktop and tablet the navigation is easy to manipulate and yaaNews online is 99.9% user/mobile friendly

Can I receive updates from YaaNews?


Yes, you can get their news updates by visiting the site or get updates on the site straight into your mailbox by simply subscribing to YaaNews newsletter.

Stay trendy with YaaNews, stay up-to-date with YaaNews, and never miss anything about information and technology.

Visit YaaNews.com today.

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Where to download past Question and Answers Q&A: J.A.M.B.

The acronym J.A.M.B Means ; Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

It is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary institutions. Jamb is responsible for examination for applicants into Nigerian public and private mono technics, polytechnic, and universities.

These examination are usually written as paper work or computer based (CBT). Here am going to tell you in details of where you can get past Questions and Answers, for any problems you are looking forward to solve, Let me quickly tell you about it.

Have you heard about Mypastquestion.com?

zethag photo

Mypastquestion.com is an online bank where you can download  past questions on any subject of your choice regardless the year.
The purpose of these site is to help mainly the young minds who are very much interested learning.

Mypastquestion.com not only offer Jamb past questions and answers, there you can download past questions ranging from WAEC, NECO, GCE, Post UTME, Scholarship, and Job interview Questions and more.


 What can I learn on from Mypastquestion.com?


Well it as I said earlier on Mypastquestion.com is a bank of past questions and answers, with this past questions answers it is now easy to for you to prepare for any upcoming exams that you have in advance, Practicing on past questions and answers, there's a better chance for you to pass your any exams you have.

 How trusted is my past question.com


 MyPastQuestion is 100% trusted they offer the best services when compared to others, for reliability they are completely reliable.

 How do I get updates from mypastquestion.com?


Yes you can always visit the website to get latest news updates about admissions or never the less you can subscribe to their news feed to get latest updates in a sneak peak to your mailbox either monthly or weekly or even daily.

Can I get updates about education?



These are direct link to download any past question of your choice on mypastquestions.com

Engage yourself with mypastquestion.Com today and speak of success tomorrow, don't be left behind on the road to success.

 Happy learning. Do you have more questions to ask contact  tifiokobong[@]mypastquestion.com.
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How to change background color for custom templates

How to change background color for custom templates

How to change background color for custom templates

Main looking at this topic, it looks complicating for a blogger who doesn’t have the knowledge of programming both CSS/HTML, some of the bloggers out 100%, 68% have this knowledge while the rest are just into the game of blogging all they do is to seek for technical support and get it done this way they spend much on this kind of technical issues if it tends to come up any day, there are bloggers who are desperately in need of this knowledge to make use of on their own site/weblog.
And they include;
Health niche bloggers
Entertainment niche bloggers
Food niche bloggers
Freelance niche bloggers…. Etc

They don’t have time for technical issues on their blog instead of the go and hire some blog experts to help them do it while they are busy with other important matters, and the reason is that they need to update their blog always to keep the audience and also be among the top on their niche.

Briefly, in this topic am going to teach you how to change the background color for your blogger template,
 All you have to do is to sit back grab a cup of coffee and read carefully, am going to teach  you based on my knowledge and how best I know it I have been using this method for quite a long time even before finding out that it has gone viral on the internet.

Requirements include;

·         Notepad++/
·         Sublime text 3
·         Dreamweaver

Any of the above text editors to save your work.If you don’t have any of these text editors on your pc, then it’s time to go and download one.

Step 1

Download your current blogger template or copy and paste it into a text editor. This is to avoid mistake/loss.
This is very important do it whenever you want to work on the theme.

Step 2

Open a new tab on your browser and with an internet connection.

Step 4

On that, your blog home page move the mouse to the white background as indicated on the image below
And right click then press Q  on chrome and Firefox if you are using UC Browser right click then press ctrl+shift+I on UC browser.
To inspect the page element.
On the screen, a layout will be displayed containing HTML and CSS codes.
On the layout, you will see CSS part its right that’s what we are going to use for this experiment before applying it to your website, just grab a cup of coffee a relax while you read the rest of the article.
You are going to use CSS because it is the beauty of every website.

Step 5
Now locate these codes given below.

body {   background: #000000


Now Copy the default hex code in the stylesheet and save it before changing the color.
The above code is the CSS stylesheet for the page background. The next thing to do now, you first of all check if it is the main background of the page by changing the hex color to another default color, is it changing? If yes then that’s your main background color for your blog if it is not changing then you have to keep looking for it until you figure out where it’s hiding.

NOTE: the color you changed is not set as permanent yet, which means that the effect is temporary.
What to do next.

Step 6

Go to your blogger dashboard navigate to Theme > Edit HTML
Then press CTRL+F to find the CSS code below

body {   background:

Replace the hex color with your preferred color
 And save your theme and preview



If you have any problem with this tutorial or you want us to make any changes to this article please do not hesitate to mail or contact us via commenting or emailing 

Thank you.

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