Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten: A Book for Everybody.

Hi it's been a while ago have posted an editorial on zethagblog, but I wasn't just leaving the site, I apologize for that. To work out the puzzle, now I bring significant message from Promise Excel.

A life changing Ebook 


Be Phenomenal or be Forgotten

what's with this book?

The title doesn't look tech related?

But let me explain to you the fact, the book possesses an abundance to teach you on how to improve your secret goal. it possesses every  message on how to get your fire burning for what you love doing. In this book he talked on how you can create somebody important amid thousands of people in your field of specifications.

Deeply, he tells us how he appeared from being an anonymous body to a remarkable individual.

How he leveraged his presence online both home and overseas to becoming a phenomenal blogger.

About the writer.

About Maverick excel

Promise Excel is an online business strategist and online marketer who is making the world  of start up clear for those who crave to become their own Boss.

His blog has been featured 50 blogs both in Nigeria and united States, his blog has been registered with CAC certificate, which means he is a certified online strategist in Nigeria not just by name. Click this link to know more about him

Now you know something about Promise Excel.

Take this wonderful freedom and don't let it slip your hands, the pre-luanch of this publication is just a few days to end.

The book is sold NGN: 2000 During pre-launch and it will spring back to NGN: 5,000
place your request before it's too late to do so.

Benefits of getting this book.

1.  You get tier 1 measures on how to become phenomenal and not forgotten.

2. What Made Him an accredited specialist in online marketing biz in Nigeria. And you can do the same and become prosperous in your field of business whether online or offline.

3. Learn what he has been doing to maintain his fire burning.

4. Get 50,000 cost of book free that will teach you what he has been doing on his blog when you purchase the book for 5000 naira.

5. The key to transforming your life for good....

Every student should have this book in their library.

How do you get this book?.

It's quite the simplest step.
Check the image below for account details.
How to pay for the book

You should make talk to Promise Excel on Facebook after placing your pre-loaunch order.
Visit contact him on Facebook with 

Or you can connect with him using his contact form on his personal site.
Don't let that bad fellow in you take over your business and make nothing out of it. Groom the phenomenal nature in you. 

If you have questions to ask or yet have an ambiguity about this book?
Watch this broadcast by Promise Excel.

This book is for everyone and nobody is an anomaly. Whether you are a civil engineer, a mechanic, a Carpenter, or just about any profession.

Take charge Be phenomenal.
Know your why? You can't have commitment to what you do if don't know your why find your why.

There is no other book that can explain your why better than this one.

Still have doubt about this book?
Meet the author by visiting his site here. Or ask any questions here and he will gladly answer it.

Take charge. Phenomenal people don't only take action they make work extra ordinarily.

Note: If you buy this book and you did not see any benefits on it, I will payback for posting it here



Facebook: Promise Excel
Twitter: MaverickExcel
Blog: MaverickExcel.com

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How To add Affiliate Banner HTML Below Post Titles. [+ Google Ads]

Affiliate Marketing: How To add Affiliate Banner HTML below post title. [Best Way]

How To add Affiliate Banner HTML below post title: image

Have you been looking for a way to add your affiliate HTML code below your post title?

Is your answer is yes?

you are at the right place.

But what will make you want to display this ads below your post titles?

Number one priority is to increase affiliate sales and clicks 

Or an advert for your clients if possible.

Well, let's get started.

To Get started you need just 3 (three) tools 

Your affiliate code, internet access and a PC

If you have everything required to start then let's move on with the tutorial.

Recommended for you: [how To centralize your AdSense code]

#Step 1 

login to your affiliate dashboard and generate the banner you want to display below your post title using the HTML and not iframe and save in a text editor.

#Step 2

Login into your blogger dashboard from the drop-down menu choose the blog you want to add the affiliate code.

#Step 3

From the dashboard, go to theme>>edit HTML once the editor finish loading click inside and press Ctrl+F key to find the code below.
How To add Affiliate Banner HTML below post title: image

<b:includable id='mobile-post' var='post'>

Also, you can add your AdSense text ads below your post titles.

What to do

Just head over to your AdSense dashboard and generate the text ads.

Then click on parse your AdSense code below this webpage footer

Copy the code and save it on a text editor you will need it in step 5

Step 4

Once you find the above code scroll down until you can find this one below.
How To add Affiliate Banner HTML below post title: image

<div class='post-body entry-content' expr:id='&quot;post-body-&quot; + data:post.id' itemprop='articleBody'>

Share via Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus to see Link Download

Step 5

Paste the affiliate banner HTML at the end part of the above code.

For Google ads Users

Paste the parsed AdSense code at the end part of the code  aboveπŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

And save your theme then preview one of your articles with your mobile phone (CANNOT DISPLAY ON OERA BROWSERS) and its working already.

if you are not with your mobile device 
Use your PC view the mobile mode in front of your blog URL add /?m=1

e.g. www.yourdomain.com.html/?m=1

Change yourdomain.com to your blog address

You should see the code working already.

Do you have anything to say?

Please let me by commenting below.

Don't forget share the post, you don't know how?
It's easy

Just click one of the Social Media icons below this post.


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Mailmunch review: Grow your email subscribers for free.

Mailmunch review: Grow your email subscribers for free no trial.

Mail munch Review: Grow your email list

Two years gone the line "email list works for both traffic and affiliate sales" is what I have been seeing in e-books and articles and it peaks my mind that even if I started one, the plan and pricing is way too much and my platform doesn't support plugins used by WordPress. Which is blogger.com, all where gone for good so I went with Mailmunch to see how it is going to work, 

and gues what,

 Mailmunch gave an awesome result in day one of publish I made my first list of subscribers and am doing it the right way.
One of my fears through the past years was because I don't want to subscribe and not grow the list as targeted, in fact I never knew much about email list building, and it was very demanding. 

Paying for what isn't sure for is like dumping money in the bin. 
I neglected everything about the mailing list which was wrong.
Don't make same mistake
So I don't want you to make the same mistake I made while blogging for 2 years that's why I'm writing this review and how you can integrate the mail service on both platforms. I.e. WordPress and blogger.

 You Don't Want to Miss This Ebook 

Mailmunch Review.

About Mailmunch
Mailmunch is a free/paid online app (software) that allows you to grow your mailing list, using different methods which includes an opt-in form, landing pages, and auto-responder.

Can any one use Mailmunch for his or her website?

Yes why not?

Mailmunch works on different blogging apps.
Which includes:

  • Shopify
  • Weebly
  • Blogger[ Which am Currently using]
  • WordPress etc.

Do I need any skills to use this app(software)?


It is easy to apply and maneuver, you need none technical skill to handle the software on your blog/site and you can build pro-looking form in minutes.

Is the free account on trial mode or do I need to pay before use?

Yes, the account is totally free you don't need to pay a dime and its not on a free trial mode.


Mailmuch : How to sign up and configure Mailmunch for blogger and WordPress.


How to configure mailmunch opt-in form for Blogger.

#Step 1

First, sign up for an account which is compulsory.
Go to mailmunch.co and use the sign up button on the homepage to create an account, a pop should show for you to start the sign up process, fill the form and verify your email address.
Are you done signing up on mailmunch?

#Step 2

Now you will be asked to add your site.
Click on the green button to add a new site

#Step 3

On the next screen blogger isn't listed, so for you to add your blogger site choose the button that says "other"

Mail munch Review: Adding Site.
Add your site name and site address  [URL]
And click save site.
#Step 4

Now you will be taken to your dashboard, this is where all the tools you need are situated.
For you to start, click on "Get Started" on the lower right of the pop-up.

#Step 5

Copy the code provided to you on the screen and go to your blogspot dashboard.
#Step 6

Inside the code you copied, remove this line.


#Step 7

Select the site you submitted from your blogger dashboard.
go to theme>Edith HTML>click inside the editor and Paste the code right above or before  </head> tag.

Use CTRL+F  to find </head>

#Step 8

Save your template and go back to your mailmunch tab.
Click next button right below the box.
#Step 9

Choose the type of form you would like to use for your site/blog, for me I chose the top bar form.

Mail munch Review: Choosing a form

#Step 10

Next, choose your preferred theme only two themes are available for free others are available to premium members ONLY.
Make your choice from the available themes, I chose the white top bar form because it matches with the site I want to integrate it for which is okay by me.
#Step 11

On the next page you can customize the appearance of the form to look more professional and okay.

Again, you can edit the text "join our newsletter" to have something different for your blog personality to suite your audience.

If you are really good in editing HTML texts, there is a radio button with the HTML signature, click on it to your add your "custom HTML"
You can also customize your thank you page into a different text and color.

Note: color has many physiology effects, so don't use a color that is not welcoming for your readers and you.
Here are colors that you might like.

  1. Light blue code
  2. White
  3. Light purple
  4. Light orange.

I use the blue and white because it is welcoming and it matches with my site color.

Lastly on this step, you can decide to remove the mailmunch logo to your own personalized logo, which is available for ONLY premium plans.

There is no big deal if you can't replace the logo, it doesn't draw the attention of your readers.

So its unnecessary for the free plan.
Click next button when done editing your form.

#Step 12

On the next page,  you will configure how and when you want the form to pop up(appear) to your visitors
This is an awesome feature almost every paid opt-in forms have.

For example.

With MailMunch, you can configure the form to delay the pop up time from 3 to 5 seconds after a user visits your homepage.

You can configure the form to pop on the second page the user clicks.
You can configure the form to pop up when the user is about to leave your site.

All these features are important for your blog.

Note: Note everyone likes immediate pop form, it sometimes annoying to visitors.

The best option is to set a delay timer 3 seconds is recommended.

The forms have different cool options, I will advice you to explore and test them out one by one for best experience.

You are on the last step to integrate your form.

#Step 13

On the next page, you will be able to integrate destination(s) for the emails collected from your opt-in form.
They include email building platforms like infusionsoft aweber and MailChimp.

If you do not want to stress yourself, you can click skip, because they also have a database to save emails and you can later download them as CSV files.

If it happens that you do have an active connection with any of the services, just select the logo and integrate the services.

Every email address will be sent to the service you choose.
After you may have finished the configuration you can hit button that says "Next"

If you do not have any you can click on "skip step"

#Step 14

The last step.
On the next page there are option for you continue with free plan or upgrade your plan.
Just select the "finish" button when you are done.
And your opt-in form should be ready by now.

How to integrate the service for WordPress users.
If you are a WordPress user, the step is just the same, all you need to do is download and install the plugin, then
sign up with them.

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Select and activate the plugin
  3. Sign up and integrate.
  4. Thats how it works.
  5. Then continue from step  9.


Take a bold step now and start building your list right away.

Forget that email list building is time consuming it is surely going to pay off for your plan. It is the best choice you have ever made.

What ever promise you make to your visitors do not forget to always deliver by sending them the updates as written on your opt-in form
[these increases your return rate]

Lastly don't send spammy link to your subscribers, if you do, consider loosing subscribers,
Send them updates twice or once a week to Avoid loosing them.
Deliver What they want.

This where sales and traffics come from.

Please if you have questions to ask place them in the comment section of this article, and we will reply within next 24 hours.

While you wait for your comment to apper, please share the article with your friends who are interested in it.

Thank you.
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First bank Mobile app [FisrtMobile] : How to recharge your DSTV at home [ Easily]

First Bank is a trusted Bank in Nigeria.

First Bank launched their own app for online banking purposes with lots of benefit and one of them is recharging your DStv decoder.

It saves time and energy, you don't have to worry about taking bike or waisting the the fuel to subscribe in the dstv office.

No need to worry anymore because I have solved it here.


You can now pay directly from your first bank mobile app

Here am going to show how to pay your bills with the first Bank mobile banking  app.

After tutorial, you will not only learn how to recharge your DStv, you will learn how to pay other bills using the first bank Mobile App

#Step 1
Launch the app on your Android phone if you do not have one here is. A link to download from  Google play store.
[Click the red line above to download the app]

#Step 2

If you already set up the account on your mobile just skip to step 3.
For you to continue with step 3 You have to set up your first Bank mobile.
To set it up their are few requirements.

1 your account number
2 your ATM card
3 your phone number

If you have all the requirements above all you have to now is to set up the the mobile application.

#Step 3After you finish your set up, now select "pay bills" on the far middle at the top.

#Step 4Select  "cable TV bills"

#Step 5
Scroll until you can find "DStv subscription" and click on it to continue.

#Step 6Select the plan you'd like to subscribe for on the screen.
Just select the one that is best for you.

#Step 7Fill in your card details( DStv Smart card)

-First of all switch off your decoder and remove the smart card. [Recommended]

Turn it the card around you will  find 11 digits number that's  your smart card number and details.

Type the 11 digit numbers in the first box.

Make sure it is correct with no error at all.

Input your phone number.

#Step 8
Input your ATM card 4 digits pin and click pay.

#Step 9

An OTP (one time password) will be sent to your mobile number, type in the OTP password in the blank form and click on the pay confirm button.

Note: you'd be charged for minimum fee of ₦100+subscription charges for the transaction, not too much I guess.

πŸ‘‰ Read also: How you can make #700 - #10,000 on affnaija

All you have to do is to wait for some time for them to confirm the transaction was successful.

Then switch on our decoder
And enjoy the entire month watching what you paid for.

While waiting if you have any questions to ask as regarding to this article, please do well by asking them in the comment section below.
Thank you.

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AffNaija review: How to make ₦700 to ₦4,500 daily and ₦10,000 or more monthly on AffNaija.

Have you heard of AffNaija affiliate?

Well, let me introduce you to the network.

AffNaija is a Nigerian driven network where you can make ₦10,000 or more just by sharing their merchant services on Facebook.
You earn daily by the products you share on Facebook and referral method and this program is for students who are struggling to pay hostel and projects bill.

Three ways you can earn from afnaija

How to earn

You can earn

1 by sharing products on Facebook
2 participating in the referall scheme
3 by becoming there agent.

Recommended for you

Use mailmunch to [Grow Your email list for free]

Show me how it works.

Registration is free! but a subscription is needed for you to start the earning process and marketing tools you will promote​.

There are three (3) plans

Subscription plan

Basic Premium and Ultimate plan.

Basic Plan

Subscription fee: ₦1,000
Referral bonus. : ₦250 min and ₦1,000 max
Daily earning.    : ₦100
Min withdrawal.: ₦2,000

Premium plan

Subscription fee: ₦4,000
Referral bonus. : ₦250 min and ₦1000 max.
Daily earning.   : ₦400
Min withdrawal: ₦8,000

Ultimate plan

Subscription fee: ₦7,000
Referral bonus : ₦250 min and ₦1000 or ₦1,500 max.
Daily earning.   : ₦700
Min withdrawal: ₦14,000

Are you okay with the explanation?

Here is how to sign up for AffNaija and start earning.

Step 1

Click on this link below to register www.affnaija.com/register

Step 2 Add your personal information and Click on the continue button

Step 3

Check your email for verification link if you found out click on it and verify your account.

Step 4

choose the plan you would like to opt in for such as basic or premium and proceed to payment page.

NOTE: you must have a working credit card to make payment for the subscription or otherwise you can use Vogue pay to make the subscription payment.

Credits or debit cards that are acceptable.

Verve master card visa etc

After payment is made your dashboard will now be active.

How does AffNaija affiliate program work?

1 person you refer earns you ₦250 naira and when that person subscribes on a basic or premium account you earn ₦1,000

If the referred person subscribed for the ultimate account you g
Earn ₦1,500

If you have up to 300 freinds on Facebook there's is a bigger chance of earning more money this is because at least 50 to 150 of them might be interested in buying the product you shared with them.

The whole thing is just with Facebook.

Note that this referral is just an add-on to make extra money for yourself it is not compulsory to take part.

Want to

Click here to sign up

Recommended For you:

[make $2,625 monthly from HostGator affiliate program]

Have questions please drop them in the comment section of this article

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BlackHatNaija.com : A New Digital Marketing Forum with Social Media Experience

Digital World is Getting Better.

The internet is evolving into different scopes as startups innovations are getting creative and loud.


We are in a time where there are several forums created for discussions and not conversations but the beauty of the public space is that it accommodates all forms of platforms to strive.

While surfing the www, we found a forum doing something different.

BlackHatNaija.com is a unique twist of social media integrated into a forum, having users friendly social media touch, appearance and experience.

The great news is that
Namcheap is offering a discount coupon code for shared hosting you might want to buy it for your new website that is why am recommending them to you


When you purchase this hosting plan with my link, I will get a small commission, and you will also get a good discount using my link.

So its win win for the both of us.
Click the link below to purchase.

Offer expires  DECEMBER 31 2017

$5 OFF Ultimate Hosting Package

Domain names for just 88 cents!

The forum is operated on 5 major keywords:

  • Crypto currency
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Designs & Codes 
  • Making Money Online

with other important keywords as sub-sections.

Browsing through the forum, you'd have a feel of social features that enables you to update your status, have a personal profile with your own conversation space, a chat room to interact with other members online and several other interesting features.

BlackHatNaija can be summarized as Facebook, twitter and Instagram blended into creating a forum.

Topics are tailored to your interest and you can use the trending hash tags to join a conversation.

Signing up on the forum is easy.

There are several options for signing up, either via your social accounts or a direct form that take a few seconds to complete.

On BlackHatNaija, there's a concern for the member's privacy hence all members have control of their personal space.

Also, there's a reward for your activities on the forum, you get to increase in rank and top other members as you feature more.

The forum accommodates helpful contents and resources to be shared with all members and productive networking between members.

BlackHatNaija.com is the first Nigerian Forum focusing directly on Digital Marketing as a replacement for Internet Marketing.

You'd love it on this forum. To join the community, click the link below

Join blackhaht naija: click here

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Baidu Account Registration: How to Register for pan Baidu account.

Basic Introduction To Baidu.

Baidu image

Baidu is a China search tool, one of the famous search tool in the world record.

Baidu search is divided only for China residents. Which means China do not use Google as their search engine but instead baidu.

They have a strong and smart technology that serves the search results in Chinese language only.
It is recognized to them as their own Chinese Google.

This Chinese search engine offers various services which varies from audio files to images and a based search tool in the Chinese market.

Baidu collaborates with Baidu Baike, an online encyclopedia, baidu offers over 40 search and community services including a searchable database forum, all these are managed by Its people.

But before we proceed I have something to show you, if I don't share it with you then am not doing any good.

The great news is that
Namcheap is offering a discount coupon code for shared hosting you might want to buy it for your new website that is why am recommending them to you


When you purchase this hosting plan with my link, I will get a small commission, and you will also get a good discount using my link.

So its win win for the both of us.
Click the link below to purchase.

Offer expires  DECEMBER 31 2017

$5 OFF Ultimate Hosting Package

Domain names for just 88 cents!

Baidu Account Registration: How to Register for pan Baidu account.

You might need this baidu account to take part in one of their conferences or agencies that only allows baidu account for becoming a member.

As  a Traveler.

You might need these forums to review and learn better about their tour schedule or even discuss with their expertise in any of the Chinese forums.

As a web developer and Blogger.

Webmasters use baidu to get more traffic to their site or to make their own website show up in the Chinese search engine results for a better website exposure and SEO.

Baidu can be for any of the purpose stated above OR for some other commercial reasons.

To open a baidu account there are just few requirements you need to meet.

  1. A PC such as a laptop or desktop.
  2. web browsers that can translate words, from Chinese to English language. e. g. Chrome
  3. An international number (Italian)

You should read this:
πŸ‘‰Tips to Improve Security on your Android Mobile

How to sign up for baidu account.

Step 1

visit this page with your PC


Using a chrome browser or any browser that supports translation from Chinese Simplified to your native language or use a browser extension (add on).

Step 2

Insert your international phone number with your dialing codes e.g. +234 or an Italian phone number (+39×××××××××)

Baidu Account Registration

Step 3

Choose your desired user-name. (alphanumeric or alphabet only).

Step 4

Choose your password (6/14 alphanumerical and symbols)
e.g  example@1234

Step 5

Confirm that you are not a robot by completing the puzzle.

Step 6

Press "Get SMS verification Code" button and wait for your SMS to arrive.

Step 7

Input the verification code into the text area.

Step 8

check the agreement box.

"Read and accept the Baidu User Agreement,"

and press Register button

Signing in to your baidu account.

Step 1

To login to your baidu account.
Visit http://pan.baidu.com/

Baidu Account Registration

Using Chrome browser or a browser that has translation feature that can translate from Chinese Simplified language to your native language.

Step 2

Translate the language to English and

Click on the link

"Overseas Phone number,"

This link will allow you to log in using the phone number with the country code you used earlier

All you have to do is to

Insert your phone number (with country code)

Insert password

Log in

Complete every necessary things needed.

Dos and don'ts.

Do- submit your site with this account
Do- login to China forums
Do- access the webmaster tool and use it carefully.

Don't- misuse the account for black hat. China still have authority to remove your account.

Enjoy your day

Don't ignore share with your friends and make them feel loved by you.
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Whatsapp Widget: 4 Steps On How To Add WhatsApp Text Support To Your Website

WhatsApp text support widget image

There many ways which you can be reached as a web owner


In internet today, there are many ways to message a site owner for some important reasons, it could be an immediate business negotiation, contract offer, or just about everything.

The diverse ways you could be reached are:

Phone call
WhatsApp etc, etc.

WhatsApp is one of the fastest and smoothest means to send and receive messages online, and even exchange document.

WhatsApp messenger is not covered that is because it includes nearly every feature the above-listed modes of reaching a web owner or you been reached as a web owner.

These features include.

WhatsApp phone calls
Video calls
Send documents or an attachment.
Send video's.
WhatsApp text.

WhatsApp has over 4.1 million active users daily, including this WhatsApp widget to your site will make it accessible for visitors and clients to reach you on any issue he/she wishes to take up.

Here you will understand how to add the WhatsApp text support widget to your site.

Follow this step-by-step guide to add the WhatsApp text support widget to your blog.

=>Step 1

Go to your blogger dashboard click on theme=>edit theme

=>Step 2

Search for the </body> code by pressing CTRL+F on your computer.

=>Step 3

after noticing the code </body>

Copy the below code and paste it before or above </body>

<!-- whatsapp text support widget --><script type="text/javascript">    (function () {        var options = {            whatsapp: "+2347014974860", // WhatsApp number            company_logo_url: "//static.whatshelp.io/img/flag.png", // URL of company logo (png, jpg, gif)            greeting_message: "Hello, how may we help you? Just send us a message now to get assistance.", // Text of greeting message            call_to_action: "Message us", // Call to action            position: "right", // Position may be 'right' or 'left'        };        var proto = document.location.protocol, host = "whatshelp.io", url = proto + "//static." + host;        var s = document.createElement('script'); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = url + '/widget-send-button/js/init.js';        s.onload = function () { WhWidgetSendButton.init(host, proto, options); };        var x = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; x.parentNode.insertBefore(s, x);    })();</script><!-- /whatsapp text support widget -->

=>Step 4

Remove the phone number stated in green to your own WhatsApp registered number. Along with your state code.

And save the theme.

That's all good luck and don't forget to share this with your buddies.

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HostGator Affiliate program Review: Earn Money for Domain Sales, Hosting, SSL et More...

  • Introduction to Affiliate  Program

Hostgator affiliate program review: Earn Money for Domain Sales, Hosting, SSL et More

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

Types of Affiliates


Unattached Affiliate Marketing

Related Affiliate Marketing

Involved Affiliate Marketing

Places to promote your affiliate Link.

The most effective places to promote your affiliate links are:

  • Email
  • Content
  • Banner ad
  • Social Media

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and where to promote your affiliate, let me show how to sign up and earn your self some passive income.

If you read from the beginning to this end, count yourself lucky because you are going to sign up and start earning from one of the biggest and trusted affiliate program ever.

About HostGator.

HostGator is a Houston-based provider of shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting with an additional presence in Austin, Texas.

If you are a blogger you should have known them by now, Hostgator is one of the best, fastest and most trusted Web hosting company.

Customer service: 009 1 713-574-5287

Headquarters: Houston, Texas, United States

Owned by:Endurance International Group

Founder: Brent Oxley
Year founded: October 2002

Okay now you know little about host gator, after introducing them to you I'd like to show you what really brought you here and how to go about it.

Here I will be showing you

  • How affiliate Hostgator Program Works
  • Steps to apply.
  • If they are Legit or Not.

Wait, before we proceed I have something to show you, if I don't share it with you then am not doing any good.

The great news is that
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So its win win for the both of us.
Click the link below to purchase.

Offer expires  DECEMBER 31 2017

$5 OFF Ultimate Hosting Package

Domain names for just 88 cents!

Introduction to HostGator Affiliate program

Hostgator affiliate program is one the choicest to enlist, they offer the finest client maintenance, pay in local cash, and receive quick confirmation.
Just like the godaddy affiliate program, you can as well promote hostgator and bank some cash easily

They have specialists always convenient to support affiliated purchasers.

There Is no cost for signing up as hostgator affiliate. Each sign up has great incentive.

How to Make Money with Host Gator


Yes, you are  here to learn how to make yourself some buck with hostgator affiliate program.

Let me present you a brief tip of how your gain will be.

Hostgator affiliate program functions  like this

They pay based on the amount of successful sign-ups.

Here let's do calculations

1-5 sign-ups =   $50

6-10 sign-ups    $75

11-20 Sign-ups $100

21+ sign-ups       $125

Here is the calculi.

If you send 21 successful sign ups to hostgator per month you will make $2,625

125×21 = $2,625

This how you hit the nail on its head.

How to Apply for Hostgator Affiliate Program

Registration process requires just some few steps

  • Sign-up
  • Apply
  • Accept and become approved
  • Promote your link
  • And make extensive sales.

Isn't that remarkable?

Take me to that grand sign up page I wish to earn.

Not so fast

First, you need to sign up on impact radius.

You haven't heard of the name impact radius right?

Impact radius is an affiliate management platform.

Impact radius manages and keep track of clicks and conversations their reports are real time data that is why they are regarded as the strongest platform for affiliate management.

Companies like impact radius.

  • Commission Junction
  • Vglinks
  • Rakuten Affiliate and more....

=>Step 1

Click this link to sign up with impact radius, If you have already signed up before, click on "I already have an account" to proceed

Hostgator affiliate program review: Earn Money for Domain Sales, Hosting, SSL et More

 If you finish signing up on impact radius continue to the next stride.

=>Step 2

apply for hostgator affiliate program with the impact radius link above, they will take you through the application.

=>Step 3

accept terms and await your approval message, this process usually takes up to 24 to 72 business hours.

Hippy dippy you just applied for Hostgator affiliate program so what is the way forward?

See how to Promote your Hostgator affiliate Link


First, you applied, and you got approved.
That's excellent but you desire to earn yourself money.

Ok! Tell me what to do.

Tasks you are required to do to earn.

Login to your impact radius dashboard, adequately you will see different banners with various sizes, here you will see your initial affiliate link.
All this are your affiliate tools

Have you got your affiliate links and banners?

Here is how to promote them


You can start by writing an article on how to set up a blog or best web hosting site.

Feature Hostgator by using your original affiliate link as ref link, in this article you will have to convince your readers about the company.

mind you.

Self experience will do well to improve your affiliate sales., you already notice what I mean by that.

I mean your success story will give you success in sale, don't lie about any thing show them the proof of previous payout if need be.

That is what visitors love these days.

Earlier I mentioned ways in which you can promote your affiliate link which includes:

Promoting your link via email
Writing Content to promote link (testimonials or review)

  • Placing of Banner ads on your website/blog
  • Promoting link on Social media
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Get more targeted traffic to your blog
  • etc, etc.

How to Withdraw your Hostgator earnings via Impact Radius.

You are promoting a company, you should get paid for doing the job and your are working to earn yourself some money.

Hostgator affiliate program review: Earn Money for Domain Sales, Hosting, SSL et More

As I said earlier Hostgator is very much different from other web hosting company because they pay in local currency which means you need not run helter-skelter for a PayPal account or other payment process.

When you reach your threshold, Just click on payment on your impact radius dashboard add your bank details and that's the alert buzzing your phone, and email finds  way through your Inbox.

don't forget to send my share☺☺... Enjoy your income and use .

You should read this
πŸ‘‰PayPal is now available for Nigeria users.

Take away

πŸ‘‰Don't just walk away after reading this put  in action what you read here.

Only those who take actions enjoy the internet money.

I'd like to see how far you have gone about your affiliate.

share your story of success we love to know and hear them.

Share this message with your friends don't ignore.

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How To Submit Your Blog To Bing In 6 Steps | Blogger

Bing is a search engine is owned and operated by Microsoft LLC. This search engine is as
MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search.

Bing image

Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing.

This search engine has a webmasters tool like Google search console tool.

What we are looking forward to do in this tutorial is on how we can submit your website free without paying a dime, you can do this yourself

Why do you want to submit your site to bing?

Basically you need it for organic search visit.

Let's start with what brought you here today

But before we proceed I have something to show you, if I don't share it with you then am not doing any good.

The great news is that
Namcheap is offering a discount coupon code for shared hosting you might want to buy it for your new website that is why am recommending them to you


When you purchase this hosting plan with my link, I will get a small commission, and you will also get a good discount using my link.

So its win win for the both of us.
Click the link below to purchase.

Offer expires  DECEMBER 31 2017

$5 OFF Ultimate Hosting Package

Domain names for just 88 cents!

Before you start, please believe in yourself and there you go, you can do everything that is possible.

I did this with no one helping me so I see no reason you cannot do the same thing.

Always remember to keep calm before starting any tutorial be it here or elsewhere.

Here is how to submit your domain to this nifty tool.

=>Step 1

Create a Microsoft account.

Creating an account on Microsoft is just as creating a Google account, you use one account to login to other account such as Google+, AdSense, Gmail, play store etc etc.

Microsoft account have same feature

You can access other Microsoft services.

  • Play online games from Xbox
  • Login to live mail
  • Buy products from Microsoft online

Signing up with with Microsoft account is just more than you think.

Don't use fake details as you may need this account in future.

Use the email sign up choice it is fast and easy, after creating the account confirm it before you start.

If you previously have an account, there is no need for signing up
Just head to bing webmaster tool and sign in with your Microsoft account.

=>Step 2

Submitting your domain name.

After login in you will see your first webmaster page blank which will be empty without a property on it.
As for the image here you can see I have once submitted my site that is why the dashboard is not blank.

Submitting your domain

Before you submit your domain name, you need to put fact ahead. It is very important.

•When submitting your site make sure you submit the full URL not the sub domain.


√√√ Use http://www.yourdomain.com
If your site does not have http2 enabled (SSL certificate)

√√√ Use https://www.yourdomain.com

This to avoid invalid submission.

Now fill in your domain name in the box and click the add button as stated on the image below.

=>Step 3

a new page With the add site map option will open.

you can always add the site map later.
But if you prefer adding it now, okay.
Click add to continue.

=>Step 4

Verify that you own the domain.

To verify the ownership of your domain, you will be provided with meta tag along without Cname record and DNS record.

Copy Cnmae and DNS server code image

Now copy the meta tag
Go to your blog dashboard click on theme>edit HTML

Then use the CTRL+F to find  <head>

paste the meta tag below it and save your theme

=>Step 5

Adding bing cname record.

To add bing Cname record or DNS record, you need to access your domain client area (Cpnael)

•Login your domain provider

•Click on your domain name

•Select manage DNS records.

=>Step 6

Copy the cname record that was given by the bing webmaster tool.

add it to your Cname records and save it
Go back to bing webmaster tool and verify the ownership.
 [May take some minutes so be patient and await authorization]

After verifying configure your domain, submit your sitemap. (if you haven't done that yet)

Bing will automatically index your pages or you can submit your page one by each for fast index.


There is limit to the amount URL you can submit.

To avoid mistakes and misconfiguration you can hire me to submit and configure your site professionally for just $15 PayPal.

For Facebook buddies and Nigerian residents you can request for my bank details.
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