How to Centralize Adsense in Blogger:


How to Centralize Adsense in Blogger


In a very short while I'm gonna show you how you are going to place your Ads Centralized. 
This steps are very easy to take, all you have to do is pay attention while reading through the tutorial, do not rush it because you might not get exactly what you want to do, so cool down take a cup of coffee and take your time before you begin.

After grabbing a good cup of coffee here we're going start with few steps on how to centralize your adsense :

==> Step 1 

First of all you need to log on to your blogger dashboard

==> Step 2  

scroll down a little bit you'll see the "Layout" on your dashboard at the left bottom Down the  list after "theme" click on it.

==> Step 3

Now locate "edit" link of the AdSense widget which you want to centralize.

==> Step 4

Next copy the widget ID from the URL.
see screen shot below 
How to centralize adsense

==> Step 5

Then Go to "Theme" ---> "Customize" ---> "Advanced" ----> scroll down on the list and click on add Cascading Style Sheet I.e "Add CSS". 

==> Step 6

A box with white a background will appear by the top right hand side of the editor. What you need to do is copy and paste the code below inside the box 
Photo zethag

#Adsense4 {

You can also use this code below to centralize more than one ad

#Adsense4, #HTML10 {

==> Step 7

Now that you're done pasting the CSS code, now click on "Apply to Blog" by the top right hand corner of the editors page.

If you are using a Custom blogger theme.

If your theme is not working well to this method you might be using a custom theme, do not worry here you have your own way of doing it.

(applicable for both)

Go to "Theme" --> "Edit HTML" and paste the code directly above the 


Now you have your AdSense centralized and displaying.

If you find any errors in the tutorial please don't hesitate to comment it below as your opinion matters most. We value our readers.

Happy blogging

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