Zethag Tech Blog : How to Customize your feedburner url To Your brand.

How to Customize your feedburner url To Your brand.

Feedburner is essentially an add-on service for your blog that tracks people who subscribe to your blog using RSS

RSS is a web technology  that means “really simple syndication” … in normal speak, that just means it's a technology that lets different programs latch onto your website (blog) and grab your content.

Getting started
Why do you want to Customize your feedburner url? 

It makes  your feedburner url to look professional and you can login to the feed burner easily with your feed url
For example 


and so that visitors can easily know you are using a third-party service to serve feed to them.

Am going to guide you on how to change your feedburner url to your branded name
like feeds.zethag.com/.

⇒step 1 

log in to your feed burner dashboard click on "my account" 

⇒step 2

Click on mybrand located at the left side of the feed burner web page
Click on mybrand

⇒step 3
If you want to host your feeds at the feeds subdomain (this is the most common choice, like feeds.domain.com), your CNAME entry should point to the value given by feed burner .the value should look like this


Host point to domain

⇒step 4

after setting your CNAME from your domain host move to step 2 and park the CNAME created subdomain and save.
park the CNAME created subdomain and save.

This can take up to 24 hours for a newly parked CNAME entry to take effect. Is your feedburner url not working yet? 
No need to worry about that... just leave and check back tomorrow. 

Next, you need to redirect your feedburner feed from the old URL to the new branded subdomain

Stay updated am going to give you simple tutorial on how to redirect feedburner feed from the old URL 

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