Mailmunch review: Grow your email subscribers for free.:


Mailmunch review: Grow your email subscribers for free.

Mailmunch review: Grow your email subscribers for free no trial.

Mail munch Review: Grow your email list

Two years gone the line "email list works for both traffic and affiliate sales" is what I have been seeing in e-books and articles and it peaks my mind that even if I started one, the plan and pricing is way too much and my platform doesn't support plugins used by WordPress. Which is, all where gone for good so I went with Mailmunch to see how it is going to work, 

and gues what,

 Mailmunch gave an awesome result in day one of publish I made my first list of subscribers and am doing it the right way.
One of my fears through the past years was because I don't want to subscribe and not grow the list as targeted, in fact I never knew much about email list building, and it was very demanding. 

Paying for what isn't sure for is like dumping money in the bin. 
I neglected everything about the mailing list which was wrong.
Don't make same mistake
So I don't want you to make the same mistake I made while blogging for 2 years that's why I'm writing this review and how you can integrate the mail service on both platforms. I.e. WordPress and blogger.

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Mailmunch Review.

About Mailmunch
Mailmunch is a free/paid online app (software) that allows you to grow your mailing list, using different methods which includes an opt-in form, landing pages, and auto-responder.

Can any one use Mailmunch for his or her website?

Yes why not?

Mailmunch works on different blogging apps.
Which includes:

  • Shopify
  • Weebly
  • Blogger[ Which am Currently using]
  • WordPress etc.

Do I need any skills to use this app(software)?


It is easy to apply and maneuver, you need none technical skill to handle the software on your blog/site and you can build pro-looking form in minutes.

Is the free account on trial mode or do I need to pay before use?

Yes, the account is totally free you don't need to pay a dime and its not on a free trial mode.


Mailmuch : How to sign up and configure Mailmunch for blogger and WordPress.


How to configure mailmunch opt-in form for Blogger.

#Step 1

First, sign up for an account which is compulsory.
Go to and use the sign up button on the homepage to create an account, a pop should show for you to start the sign up process, fill the form and verify your email address.
Are you done signing up on mailmunch?

#Step 2

Now you will be asked to add your site.
Click on the green button to add a new site

#Step 3

On the next screen blogger isn't listed, so for you to add your blogger site choose the button that says "other"

Mail munch Review: Adding Site.
Add your site name and site address  [URL]
And click save site.
#Step 4

Now you will be taken to your dashboard, this is where all the tools you need are situated.
For you to start, click on "Get Started" on the lower right of the pop-up.

#Step 5

Copy the code provided to you on the screen and go to your blogspot dashboard.
#Step 6

Inside the code you copied, remove this line.


#Step 7

Select the site you submitted from your blogger dashboard.
go to theme>Edith HTML>click inside the editor and Paste the code right above or before  </head> tag.

Use CTRL+F  to find </head>

#Step 8

Save your template and go back to your mailmunch tab.
Click next button right below the box.
#Step 9

Choose the type of form you would like to use for your site/blog, for me I chose the top bar form.

Mail munch Review: Choosing a form

#Step 10

Next, choose your preferred theme only two themes are available for free others are available to premium members ONLY.
Make your choice from the available themes, I chose the white top bar form because it matches with the site I want to integrate it for which is okay by me.
#Step 11

On the next page you can customize the appearance of the form to look more professional and okay.

Again, you can edit the text "join our newsletter" to have something different for your blog personality to suite your audience.

If you are really good in editing HTML texts, there is a radio button with the HTML signature, click on it to your add your "custom HTML"
You can also customize your thank you page into a different text and color.

Note: color has many physiology effects, so don't use a color that is not welcoming for your readers and you.
Here are colors that you might like.

  1. Light blue code
  2. White
  3. Light purple
  4. Light orange.

I use the blue and white because it is welcoming and it matches with my site color.

Lastly on this step, you can decide to remove the mailmunch logo to your own personalized logo, which is available for ONLY premium plans.

There is no big deal if you can't replace the logo, it doesn't draw the attention of your readers.

So its unnecessary for the free plan.
Click next button when done editing your form.

#Step 12

On the next page,  you will configure how and when you want the form to pop up(appear) to your visitors
This is an awesome feature almost every paid opt-in forms have.

For example.

With MailMunch, you can configure the form to delay the pop up time from 3 to 5 seconds after a user visits your homepage.

You can configure the form to pop on the second page the user clicks.
You can configure the form to pop up when the user is about to leave your site.

All these features are important for your blog.

Note: Note everyone likes immediate pop form, it sometimes annoying to visitors.

The best option is to set a delay timer 3 seconds is recommended.

The forms have different cool options, I will advice you to explore and test them out one by one for best experience.

You are on the last step to integrate your form.

#Step 13

On the next page, you will be able to integrate destination(s) for the emails collected from your opt-in form.
They include email building platforms like infusionsoft aweber and MailChimp.

If you do not want to stress yourself, you can click skip, because they also have a database to save emails and you can later download them as CSV files.

If it happens that you do have an active connection with any of the services, just select the logo and integrate the services.

Every email address will be sent to the service you choose.
After you may have finished the configuration you can hit button that says "Next"

If you do not have any you can click on "skip step"

#Step 14

The last step.
On the next page there are option for you continue with free plan or upgrade your plan.
Just select the "finish" button when you are done.
And your opt-in form should be ready by now.

How to integrate the service for WordPress users.
If you are a WordPress user, the step is just the same, all you need to do is download and install the plugin, then
sign up with them.

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Select and activate the plugin
  3. Sign up and integrate.
  4. Thats how it works.
  5. Then continue from step  9.


Take a bold step now and start building your list right away.

Forget that email list building is time consuming it is surely going to pay off for your plan. It is the best choice you have ever made.

What ever promise you make to your visitors do not forget to always deliver by sending them the updates as written on your opt-in form
[these increases your return rate]

Lastly don't send spammy link to your subscribers, if you do, consider loosing subscribers,
Send them updates twice or once a week to Avoid loosing them.
Deliver What they want.

This where sales and traffics come from.

Please if you have questions to ask place them in the comment section of this article, and we will reply within next 24 hours.

While you wait for your comment to apper, please share the article with your friends who are interested in it.

Thank you.

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