How To Remove Outdated Contents From Bing and Google Index [A Step-By-Step Guide]:


How To Remove Outdated Contents From Bing and Google Index [A Step-By-Step Guide]

Google and Bing let you remove outdated contents from their index.

Google and Bing now let you remove bad or unwanted indexed URL from their indexed coverage.

This tool has Been in existence for a long time now but only a few people knew about it and how to use it except for the webmasters.

The tool works awesomely well without any technical requirements to remove the URLs.

These nifty tools help you keep the reputation of your company or brand and can only be used by website owners whose site is indexed by Google search.

Why Do You Need To Remove Those Outdated Contents From Google And Bing?

1. Removal of pages or contents that are outdated

2. Removal of URL that serves as error 404 on your site.

You need to tidy up the link from both search engine and the site which can be done with the help of these tools you will clean the URLs and preventing them to show on serps when they are being searched for on Google or Bing.

How long Does it Take for URL or Content Removal Requests Take?

The time pace between the two search engine vary.

Bing URL/Outdated Content removal is 24hrs, during this period the URL/Outdated Content is being crawled and then de-index also it requires the bingbot to re-crawl your site and index your site again.

Also Google, they follow the same process but the time at which the URL will be updated is unknown. It might have a longer or shorter period but it doesn't exceed 48hrs.

If URLS submitted are being rejected by Google and Bing.

Then two things are certain.

  1. The submitted URL is wrong.
  2. The content requested for removal does not belong to you.

Note: you can not remove a third party URLs, I.e. URLS that do not belong to you    

Now let's help you remove the outdated URL and Contents from Google and Bing.

I have come up with a step-by-step guide that will help you remove your URL/outdated content from Google and Bing

Prepare your computer/Mobile Device to get started.

Removing Outdated Contents From Google.

Step 1  First, login you're to your Google account where your site is connected to or log in to your search console. If you do not have your site submitted to Google yet, you use this step-by-step guide to submit your site.

It only takes a few minutes to complete

After you must have submitted your site go ahead to step 2

Step 2 Visit this URL below [copy and paste in your browser

Step 3 Open a new tab from your PC and visit and search the URL or outdated contents.

Step 4 Get the links by a long press or using left click and then copy the exact URL that you see on Google.

Step 5 Copy the URL and switch to the previous page where the removal page is and paste the link which you copied from Google into the blank space and then click on "Request Removal".

Do this for the links you want to remove from Google and then wait for Google to de-index and re-crawl your site which will be effective within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Here is a video to give you a head up on what you will do.

Now moving to Bing.

How to remove Outdated content from Bing.

Step 1  Make sure yo have your site submitted to bing and verified, if you haven't done so, click here to start.

Step 2 Visit your Bing Webmaster Dashboard

Click on "Configure My Site" tab

From the Drop-down select "Block URLs"

Step 3 Open a new tab and visit

From the search bar search for the content, you want to remove from their index.

Copy the URL and go back to the bing webmaster dashboard.

Paste the link in the field.

Click on "Block URLs and Cache".

Once you have followed the steps above everything will take effect within the next 24 hours.

see video Below for quick catch on what you are going to do.

I hope this helps you.

See you on the next page.

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