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Thursday, May 17

3 Super Checklist To Enable Voice Memo Syncing On iPhone To PC

3 Super Checklist To Enable Voice Memo Syncing On iPhone To PC. One of the features that keep people (Iphone user)  in great shape is the ability of them to enable voice memo syncing on their iPhone, then have the voice recordings on on my Laptop.

It could be a short recording, voice notes, short song sketches or voice over that you can easily use on your PC.

Some people (Iphone user) have asked me; how do I get a voice memo from my iPhone to my Macbook? It’s easy and I do is give them a quick rundown to make it work for them. Overtime, I found myself repeating the same thing over and over again.

I asked myself, why not write an article talking about this, so you can get the link to anyone that wants to enable voice memo syncing on iPhone to their PC? The thought is what has given birth to the answer I have put together in simple practical steps for you.

If you want to transfer voice memos from iPhone to PC, or your voice memos are not showing up in iTunes. I’d advise you to follow the practical steps below to get started.

Enable Voice Memo Syncing On iPhone To PC: What Works

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC.
2. In your Menu bar, you will an iPhone or iPad button, select it.
3. Now, select “Music” in the left sidebar.
4. Check the “Include voice memos” box > Select “Sync” or Apply in the bottom right corner.

Your voice memos will be automatically downloaded to your iTunes Library. Once this is completed, you can now drag voice memos from iTunes to your desktop or any other folder you desire.

Enable Voice Memo Syncing On iPhone To PC: Share Sheet Option

It is possible if you are not using your primary PC for syncing with your iTunes and you are not ready to go through the frustration with starting a new synchronization on a PC that is not yours.
The best option would be do use the popular Share Sheet option to easily get your voice memos in your iPhone or iPad to your PC.


Open AirDrop and ensure you have the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on in your iPhone and Mac. Once you have verified that they are both enabled on both devices, you should carry out the next practical steps below:

1. Open Voice Memos in your iPhone or iPad.
2. Find the track you like to move to your Mac.
3. Tap the “Share” button.
4. Alright, at this point you have to wait your PC’s AirDrop icon to appear.
5. Once it is visible, tap it.
Open your Mac download folder to find your voice memo transferred to it.

My Mac Doesn’t Support AirDrop

Alright, you are not alone, but it doesn’t mean you have exhausted your entire lifeline to make this operation work. You will still be able to enable voice memo sync from iPhone to your PC using the old-school text message.

Follow the steps below to transfer your voice memos in your iPhone to your computer:

1. Open voice memos on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Select the track you want to transfer to your computer.
3. Now, tap the “Share” button and tap “ Messages”.
4. You will address the new iMessage to your iCloud address and tap “Send”.
You can then download the voice memos on your PC by accessing that message using the popular OS X Messages application.

Your voice memo recordings are mixed with your music track, so there is no special folder where voice memo are stored. If you are unable to sync your voice memos using the first option above, you may need to trim the voice memo before you can send sync it.

To do so, simple open the “Voice Memos” in your device, locate and tap the “Menu” button, then tap the arrow close to the recording that won’t sync to your PC. You will see “Trim Memo” > “Trim Voice Memo”. This should enable you sync voice memo in your iPhone to your PC. Cheers!

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